Recent arrivals in the shop from Sam Alden and Mickey Zacchilli. Frontier #5, 1st RAV Collection, and Medicine comic which also features Patrick Kyle and Michael DeForge.

Always adding new comics and zines, those above include Lose #6 from Michael DeForge, DLTLPS from Gabriel Corbera, and the cover of Currents by Brendan Monroe along with the interiors of a couple of his other zines now in the shop

Some new art books in the shop

Recent arrivals in the shop

In addition to restocking past issues we also have the most recent releases from kuš! #17 - Sweet Romance and #16 - Villages, as well as their other recent releases including the Cat themed kuš! #15 and This No Place to Stay by Michael Jordan.

internet shop

kuš! is a Latvian group that promotes comic artists through various publications that collect the work of not only Latvian artists but international comic artists as well. The anthologies they produce are always filled with a large variety of styles in both art and story as you can tell from a few of these sample pages/covers. We have currently restocked many of their issues, including all of those shown here, in the online shop.

We just received the two new releases from Koyama.

A collection of comics from Seo Kim, Cat Person, which is not completely cat related but is completely funny.

And A Body Beneath which collects issues #2-#5 of Michael DeForge’s Lose series of comics. If you’ve never picked up the individual issues it’s definitely worth getting now.

Internet Shop

The shop has also been restocked with books from Spaceface, The Inside Case by Michael Jordan, Me Nut Nut Nut #2 by Jason Murphy, and the newly released collection of comics from Jonny Negron Loose Joints along with a few of their past titles we sold out of.

We also received a package from Inés Estrada with her new book Traducciones, Issues 2 and 3 of Lapsos, and Andina which is a small collection of comics she made while traveling in Peru

New zines and comics in from Yumi Sakugawa, Jesse Tise Josh Burggraf, and more.

A few of the recent arrivals in the shop

A few of the new zines and art books in the shop this week.

Perish Plains Vol. 1 Featuring Patrick Kyle and Michael DeForge

Olympic Fencing and Dedication Hotline from Issue Press

Veronesi Rose by Camille Vivier from Shelter Press

Pink Arab by Dafy Hagai

True Art by Alex Schubert

Veronica Flores from El Taller de Ediciones Económicas

Soy un perdedor and 20/24 Vol. II from Sleep Talk Press

Kid Mafia Collection by Michael DeForge

All of these are up in the internet shop as well

A few of the books that came in recently.

We have more Ofloda Monstro comics in, Shortcut, Fear the Boob Tube, and the mini comic is really mini and really cool.